by Terje

Asthma and marathon running :

"Hi again Marius

Thanks a lot for answering my previous questions. I am almost afraid to bother you again.
First I just have to say that this program has worked really well in combination with rehabilitating persistent shinsplint. I have just completed 70 days of marathon preparation (3.30 plan) and hope that I manage this sundays marathon with no (shin) pain:) around 4 hours. There has been very little 5k/10k training this year so I don`t have any unrealistic expectations.

I wonder if you have any tips on how to manage strain induced asthma in competition and hard runs. I use ventoline before every session, but still I often run out of seem on the threshold runs due to tightening of the airways. Especially if I my legs feel great and the opening speed is a bit to high. I have tried doubling the dose, which helps, but that might not be a good solution..?

Should I spend more time warming up before the hard effort runs or maybe start Ventoline treatment several hours before?


Answer: Hi Terje and thanks for your question.

I have to give you some general advice here, concerning asthma and endurance sports :

It sounds like you need to add some medication to use more long term (daily) either cortisone based ; for example Alvesco or a combination based medication like Seretide (cortisone + long term beta 2 agnoist) Many athletes with asthma cannot stay free of sympthoms without this as a standard treatment and then Ventoline before hard trainings/competitions. Using more Ventoline usually doesn't work.

Talk to your doctor about this, and even ask for a second opinion by a lung specialist.

I wish you all the best,

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