What to do with blisters when running ?

"Hi, didn't find this topic in the program or in the FAQs:
I get blisters on the medial side of my feet by the start of the big toes when I run for over an hour, I guess this is a problem for many people. Do you have any tips that you find helpful for this? For example using compeed on the area before the long runs/races or just vaseline?"

Answer: I've got a few suggestions to you that will solve 99 % of blister problems.

Test the following (in that order) :

1. Use Vaseline like you suggest (not compeed)

2. Switch socks. Test different types, from type Nike running socks to just normal dress shoe socks (!) Many have experience that this helps the problem - as some socks will reduce the rubbing on the problem spots, but which type is individual.

3. Switch shoe brand (not model) This helps many, as the overall structure of running shoes vary from one brand to the other.

4. Use shoes that is 1/3 to 1/2 number bigger. This is the last resort to this. In that case you can place in there soft pads (glued) inside the shoes where it usually rubs. That will take away the problem fully but may lead to slightly less "running feeling" due to the larger shoes.

I wish you all the best,


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