Boston Marathon Hills

by Afton
(Sunnyvale, CA)

My experience with the Boston marathon hills. I wish I'd seen this webpage before my run at Boston this year. I was training in Houston, flattest land anywhere, and with pretty fast times for me. Based on my training, I was hoping for 3:20 and after totally killing myself and being totally crippled afterwards, I finished in 3:32. I ran my first marathon in Dec. 08 (Memphis), which still had hills and a bad potty break, and I finished in 3:38. Considering that and that I'd worked my tail off during the next 4 months of training, I really felt like I could pull off the 3:20.

I didn't expect the hills that came before the Newton Hills. They started in what, mile 2? Seriously, rolling hills the whole way, they killed me from the start.

Crowds were great though, almost too deafening at times. But seriously, I loved them overall, so nice to have them chearing my name (on my shirt) the whole way. Great great expo beforehand too, I felt so cool being there:). Wonderful city to party in afterwards...or limp through anyway.

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