Can't acheive zone 1

by David

Running and zone 1 :

"Trying the heart rate training. I do not consider myself in poor shape. I am training most of the year for high altitude alpine climbs and recently ran a marathon around 3:30 with little training.

That said, I have to basically walk to acheive a heart rate of 128 or less (70%, MHR 183). With any running, I'm well into the mid/upper zone 2.


Answer: Hi David and thanks for your question. As I've said in a few other similar questions concerning zone 1 - you CAN, early in the schedule allow yourself into zone 2 if this is the only way to allow running on the easy runs. Now, this will change later as you go along and your shape improved throughout the program. When that time comes around, make sure that you stay as much as possible in Zone 1 :)

Thanks again for your question, this is a common concern but nothing to worry about ; you'll see itself solved once you get going with the plan but until then, like I said - allow yourself into zone 2 on the easy runs.

Kind regards,

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