Cold vs hot baths

by Kjetil

Cold vs. hot baths :

"Hi Marius,
Thanks for an awesome program!

Regarding the hot/cold baths. I have been struggeling with bone membrane inflammation before and I am trying the cold and hot baths to hold it back. You recommend the cold baths, but I am having better experience with the hot baths regarding muscle soreness the day after. Do you still recommend doing both, or will only hot baths work well enough?


The cold baths and hot baths work slightly different.

The main benefit of the cold baths is to reduce inflammation / speed up blood circulation, while the hot baths lower the muscle tension.

If you experience greater effect with the hot baths, then stick to this only. For a problem like this, the surrounding muscle tension / tone can be a very important factor and lowering muscle tension can be quite beneficial ; which is likely why you experience such a good effect from the hot baths.

I wish you all the best,
kind regards,

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