Duration/Distance of long runs when selecting schedule

by Kristian

Changing length of long runs on "faster" schedule :

"Hi Marius,

Should I adjust the duration/distance of the easy runs when I select a schedule that is "too fast" for me?

I have a PB of 3:58 but want to run 5 times a week meaning I have to select the 3:15 schedule. Most of the sessions are based on time not distance so for instance a person who might achieve 3:15 for the marathon will run a lot further in 3 hours than I will (one session is "3 hours easy run"). I am worried that I may not be getting in long enough runs. "

Answer: Hi Kristian and thanks for the question.

If you choose a "faster" schedule, I would probably increase some of the absolute longest runs some, just like you are thinking. It is not something absolute, but a nice little adjustment to get used to the overall duration. So you are spot on !

all the best,

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