Easy Effort 1 Plan 3h30 Session 3 walk/run

by Tom O'GARA

Effort 1 and effort :

"Hi Marius

I've started the 3h30 program and following the heart rate method. I seem to hit the zones ok and the times per km are close to what you describe for the same effort zones. However for the walk/run sessions it seems my heart rate will drop below the 114bpm described in effort 1 when I walk. Should I be pushing hard when walking to get it back up or run slowly which is more comfortable or simply let the heart rate drop below the 114bpm.

Incedently I managed to block my ciatic nerve during my 1st 2 sessions and have to take a break to recover, in general how long do you recommend to rest before starting again and should I just pick up the program as to where I would have been if I didn't miss a session?



Answer: Hi Tom and thanks for the question. As for the walk/runs and heart rate, it is ok that this drops below 114 on the walks - but sure ; you can also walk a little bit fast on those if you feel comfortable with that.

In terms of the nerve problem, wait until you have no direct pain and then start with small sessions of 10-15 minutes jogging before gradually getting into normal running again with the first "harder" session after 3-5 running sessions without any pain (some soreness is ok)

Then continue where you left off (if this allows so, in terms of days to the marathon)

I wish you all the best,

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