Easy Marathon Recovery Time

How fast is the recovery after an easy marathon ?

"Marius, I am going to be running a marathon next weekend just for fun. I plan to run the race much slower than my usual marathon pace. Do I still need to take as much time off after the marathon or can I return to training faster since I am not really racing. Thanks"

Answer: It depends on one factor mainly : how much you manage to hold back the last 10k of the race. If you're able to control yourself at this stage, then the recovery time will usually only be about 7-10 days.

But with "easy marathon" I take into consideration that is will be at least 15-20 minutes slower than your top time. That way it will be more of a sub-race training and the recovery much shorter. But do hold back that last phase of the race and IF you get into trouble it is much better to step off the race vs. continue if you want a fast recovery from it !


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