Easy Running Vs fast Walking

by Knut

Is it ok to do fast walking instead of easy running on the easy runs of the 100 day plan ?

"Hi Marius!

Since I purchased your amazing 100 day plan, almost 2 years ago, I have ran it thru many times now, and it gives me a lot of new things to improve regarding marathon running.

My questions for you today is:

Because of returning achilles problem, is it ok to walk fast instead of running the long easy E1 runs over 2 hours?

Is it any things to take into consideration when using this approach?

Looking forward to hear from you regarding this issue


Answer: Hi Knut and thanks for your question. It is ok to do this for a few weeks (temporary and at the most 2-4 weeks) but long term you HAVE to do some running on these easy long runs. Otherwise you'll run into trouble once you hit the hard asphalt and a full marathon.

I suggest you aim for an approach with gradually getting used to running more and more on these. In the beginning, maybe only 5-10 minutes, fast walking the rest, and increasing 5-10 minutes pr workout.

Also, to try and solve your achilles problem, change your shoe brand (not just type), for many this has a quite remarkable effect on injuries. In addition to that, massage the calf muscles as much as possible to release tension!

I wish you all the best,


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