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Where should one add the easy runs in the 100 day marathon plan ?

"The easy run is session 3. Below the session it states "Add this easy run in between the hard sessions." Is this between session 2 of one week and session 1 of the following week (hence, session 3) or between session 1 and 2 of the same week (if the sessions are flexible within the week)? Sessions 1 and 2 are both hard right now :)"

Answer: The general answer to this is as follows : you do not want back-to-back hard training days. Which means that in between hard training days you add either these easy runs or rest days - depending on how many total runs are planned that week. It is really that simple - add one of the two (rest or easy running) between the hard training days.

This goes on a week to week basis also, meaning that if you do the last hard session of week 1 on a Sunday you would have to have Monday in week 2 of only easy running/rest in order to make this system right.

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