Easy runs and pace

by Kenya
(Charlotte, NC USA)

Effot 1 - pace and/or heart rate. Do I need to walk the easy runs or can I just rn on pace ?

"In regards to heart rate and Effort 1 runs...I usually end up having to walk these runs in order to keep my heart rate down in this target range. I don't even run in this effort level--I usually start off with a shuffle and then end up walking (especially if there are hills in the area).

In regards to pace, my pace running this way is 5 additional miles per minute. For example, the chart states my pace should be 9:29; however, it comes out to being around 14:00 with effort 1. Am I doing something wrong or do I just need to increase my fitness level and over time it will improve?"

Answer: Thanks for a very good and relevant question. The better shape you get in the easier it is to compare the pace with heart rate.

For you, especially since you run in hilly areas, I would take a temporary approach the first 4-5 weeks of your training and stick to heart rate. Maybe it is possible to take the "walk-run" approach, where you run 2 min, walk 2 min, run 3 min, walk 3 min ? After that initial 4-5 weeks, you may gradually move over to either run by heart rate or run by pace. It is a matter of preferance, but I strongly suggest you stick to one of them !

The point is that the way the training sessions are put together as a whole will improve you towards your goal regardless. But one of the core principles is the difference in effort between the sessions. If you choose to run by pace, that means that the different pace variations will be that difference in effort. If you choose to run by heart rate, the heart rate will guide you towards the correct variation. So either way you'll be fine as long as you choose one of the two - the relative difference between the sessions is what matters.

Wish you all the best.


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