Effort Level 1 - Frustrating Pace

by Rob

Effort 1 in the 100 day plan

"Hi Marius, I am enjoying (mostly) the sub 3:30 plan (I'm in week 5) but I suspect my question may resonate with others. Bascially, I am finding the effort 1 training very frustrating. I just feel like I need to run faster to stop myself from seizing up or on the longer walk/runs, ignore the 'walk' sections. I am trying hard NOT to break with the specific routines but the Effort 1 runs are VERY frustrating. Could I run them at effort 3 if I wanted to?


Answer: Hi Rob, and thank you for the question. I understand the frustration with this, but it is crucial to the whole structure of the 100 day plan. If you talk to almost any elite runner or runners that have "suddenly" started running well - most of these have found of that keeping the easy training days at Effort 1 is one of the main elements to success.

Now, having said that - you CAN go a little bit into zone 2 in the beginning of the 100 day plan/ until your shape start to pick up (I wrote another post concerning that) and if it is very hilly you can allow this also in the uphills.

Also, you may run a bit more in the run/walks if you feel like this - AND may try and add a couple of easy runs a week ; it will help you get more used to this easy running / improve your running economy at this pace.

But all in all, try and make a clear priority to run easy on these so that you can hit it hard on the harder runs. I wish I could tell you differently, but I rather say it like it is - and I can promise you down the road when you start running faster and faster this WILL get better.

I wish you all the best with your training,

Kind regards,

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