Extra recovery run during taper phase

by Peter Geshel

Adding extra recovery runs in the tapering period:

"I have used previous FAQ item, to addd an extra recovery workout to the 4:00 plan. This level of effort (5 runs/week) corresponds best to my base training going into training.

The 4:00 plan shows only 3 runs during the last 3 weeks (taper phase). What should I do with the extra recovery run during the taper? How about... week 13 (40 min), week 14(30 min), and week 15(20 min)?

Answer: Hi Peter, and thanks for the question.

You should keep that extra run during the tapering period and keep that run between 30 and 40 minutes. 20 minutes is a little short, but anywhere between 30 and 40 is fine. That will give you the right % of less running in those weeks, compared to earlier weeks.

I wish you all the best with your marathon,

kind regards,

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