Half marathon 2 weeks before the marathon

by Edward
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Half marathon two weeks before a marathon :

"Hi Marius

I have miscalculated my weeks for 100 day plan. I have 3 weeks to the marathon and am starting my week 11 next week.

Q1. Can i still add in a 10k/half marathon?
Q2. Will 1 week of tapering be sufficient to prep for marathon?



Answer: Hi Ed and thanks for your question.

For most runners two weeks for a half before a marathon is too close. In that case, I would drop it. You CAN run a 10k IF you are already well trained/have a light frame. If not, I would drop this as well. It all has to do with bringing as fresh as possible legs into the marathon which is far more important than the lift in performance a 10k/half marathon may give you in a marathon preparation.

all the best,

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