Hills in Effort 1

by Ross
(NSW, Australia )

What do to if you have very hilly areas where you live in terms of Effort 1?

"Hello Marius, I am running the Melbourne Marathon in October 2010 and have just started the 100 day marathon plan (Doubling up the first 7 Weeks), which so far I am enjoying very much thank you!
Just one thing I need to ask. Where I live, it is hard to find flat ground, and I finding it very hard to stay on effort one HR levels if I run the recommended pace on hills (I am doing the 3:30 plan), usually it goes up to around 141 unless I drop back to a walk. Is this of concern?

Also, If it is raining hard on the days I have a session scheduled, will running on a treadmill have the same training effect as road running? Or, should adjust the time amounts?"

Answer Hi Ross and thanks for the question.

I've touched this topic slightly in some other responses as well. I would say the following : try and keep the HR down and if the hill is really steep you may want to walk parts of it (or 1 min walking, 2 min running etc) However, I've found that the slight increase into Effort 2 in hills for parts of the run is ok (it is a different stimulus to the heart rate vs. increasing it when going flat that I do not recommend) So try and hold back but do not worry if parts of it is into Effort 2 in the hills.

As for the treadmill I am a big fan of treadmill running. It is an excellent way of working on a faster turnover/toe-off so it is ideal to mix treadmill running and outdoors ! So no worries at all, what you're suggesting will help you - rain or not.

I wish you all the best with your training,


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