HR ZONE 1 issues?


Zone 1 Effort,

"Dr Marius,

Like Kenya, I also find it very challenging to stay in HR Zone 1 (below 140) without walking. The problem isn't only trying to get my HR below 140, it's also running at that pace is very hard on my body as I am flat-footed and the pace is just unbearably slow. So two questions for you:

1) Is this very very slow pace of purpose; meaning is it meant to be nearly at a snails pace?

2) Will this change as my heart gets use to this HR and then eventually I'll be at a HR 135 and coasting right along?

Thank you very much for your assistance.


Answer Hi Clenn and thanks for your question.

The Zone 1 issue is a tricky one. The reason why I am so "strict" on it is that MOST runners need to slow down their easy runs as Zone 2 running gives little effect but still has plenty of more impact vs. Zone 1.

So it eats into the hard training sessions.

However, I am also a believer in exceptions in some cases. And you may be one of them, especially until you get in a good enough shape to do Zone 1 at a comfortable pace for you.

So I would probably go into Zone 2 on those in your case if you need to - sort of find the lowest "comfortable" pace and see how that goes.

When you are comfortable with this and in better shape you'll for sure be able to run with much better form in Zone 1.

I wish you all the best,

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