Injured during crucial part of marathon training

by Harald

Very short time until the marathon :

"Dear Marius,

I have been training the 100DMP on the 3.15 schedule. Would like to add that I love your program.

I started early, doing the intro-wks as well as the first 2 wks twice. All with Oslo Marathon Sep26 in mind.

Unfortunately, I got injured in my knee end of wk6, and been advised my physio to stay away from running, and do several stretching, strength and cross training exercises instead.

Basically, I have checked out of the program to follow their rehab schedule designed to get me back running as soon as possible knowing about my marathon in end of Sep.

I have been told that I can start running again on this end of this wk - meaning I have not followed the schedule from wk6-wk10.

If I were to jump right back in to the schedule, I would start at wk10-11.

I want to make the best out of the situation, and I want to run the most optimal marathon. What is the best way to get ready from hereon til race day - 5wks left.

If I jump right into the schedule, I see that the last 2 wks are tapering/tuning phases, missing out of the what you refer to as the most crucial period. I am thinking I can simply not afford those, and that I need to get my mileage up. Would it perhaps better to do wk8-wk12 instead?

I would truly appreciate your advice. This program has really sparked a love for running in me."

Answer: Hi Harald, in your case, with only 4-5 weeks to prepare for a marathon (which is a big challenge, even with the training already done) I would do a "special twist" to it.

1) Add a long run at 30 days, 20 days and 10 days before. Only easy running.

2) Avoid all of the really hard marathon specific runs - they will likely get you re-injuries.

3) Instead, do the half marathon specific weeks in the 100 day plan, as well as the last 10 days of the Tapering period. This, together with the runs on day 30, 20 and week

In addition to this, do spend 7-10 days of "build-up" before doing this, to make sure you can handle running specific workouts again.

This is the best way in my opinion to get around to things in such a short time !

all the best,

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