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"Best Shoes in the Stability Category"

kayano shoesThe Kayano shoes have long been hailed as the bestselling running shoe from Asics. Although most of the shoes in the Asics Gel series sell pretty well, it is the Kayano collection that really made waves in the industry.

The shoe, in fact, is now considered an icon in the industry. Asics continues to enhance the shoes by adding more and more features to it and making it an even better shoe that also adapts to the evolving needs of today’s runners. Such changes also allow Asics to update the Kayano shoes so that it will also be even better what with all the new technologies coming up nowadays.

The Kayano shoes from Asics are considered as stability shoes. If you are already familiar with the different foot types and different types of shoes that fit these foot types, you will know that motion control shoes are for overpronators and cushioning shoes are for underpronators. But there is another category called stability shoes.

Stability shoes like the Kayano shoes offer a little bit of both. It offers protective cushioning but also offers just the right amount of motion control to keep feet stable. This is most recommended for those with mild overpronation.

Winning Features of the Asics Kayano Shoes

  • Gel cushioning
  • DuoMax dual density midsole
  • Space Trusstic System
  • BioMorphic Fit
  • Asymmetrical lacing system

1. Gel cushioning

First on the agenda is the cushioning, which is important because it protects the feet from impact when the feet hits the ground.

On the Kayano shoes, cushioning is provided by the special Gel cushioning from Asics. Unlike other cushioning technologies, gel cushioning is soft but it isn’t cushy so control is still maintained.

This is a trademarked technology from Asics, the flagship technology of the famous Gel series from the company. The cushioning can be found at the heel and the forefoot area to make sure the entire foot is protected from impact.

2. DuoMax dual density midsole

The next top feature found on the Kayano shoes is the DuoMax dual density midsole. The midsole features an insert that is made of harder foam designed specifically to improve the support received by the foot. Much support is provided at the arch area where the feet receives the heaviest impact when you strike the ground.

3. Space Trusstic System

Next is the Space Trusstic System which involves a piece of plastic that goes around the arch and midfoot area to offer more support. This technology also helps the foot glide effortlessly as it transitions from the moment it strikes the heel and the moment the toes leave the ground again. The Trusstic System is gender-specific so it adapts to the unique shapes of men’s and women’s feet.

4. BioMorphic Fit

The Asics Gel Kayano shoes also features the BioMorphic Fit, a technology that enhances the quality of the shoes’ upper system. The upper is equipped with BioMorphic Fit inserts. These are upper overlays that are designed to expand and contract in a movement that is in sync with the natural movement of the feet.

This allows heat and air to circulate freely while also following the changing sizes of your feet when you’re on standby and all throughout the different stages of the run.

5. Asymmetrical lacing system

Another standout feature is the asymmetrical lacing system, a special lacing system that follows the natural shape of the foot, especially the bony part. With this system used in the construction of the upper, the lacing at the upper provides an overall better fit. This means that you will not experience any irritation at all while donning the Kayano shoes.

The Gel Kayano Shoes on its 15th and 16th Edition

The Kayano shoes from the Asics Gel collection is now on its 15th and 16th edition. This latest edition features several innovative technologies compared to earlier editions. But good thing the shoe just keeps getting better and better. The new Kayano certainly continues the hard-earned reputation of its predecessors.


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