Long Runs

by Ryan Camire
(Newport, NH)

How close can the really long easy runs go to the hard runs ?

"Hello Marius,

I have done a full term search in your FAQ section and did not find the answer to this one.

You mention in the plans to NEVER do a hard run back to back. Question: Even though the long runs are marked as "Easy" they do take a toll on the legs. Would this be considered a "Hard Run" or an "Easy Run?" In other words, is it ok to do a hard run the day before or after these long runs? FYI - I am doing the 3:30 plan. Also, would you suggest a day of complete rest before, after or neither? Thank you very much for your time."

Answer : Excellent question and thanks for searching through the FAQ first also.

This is how I would to it. You can certainly do the long easy runs the days AFTER a hard workout. That will in many cases just lower your muscular tension from the hard work, so no problem at all.

But you want to be careful with too long easy runs the day BEFORE hard runs. Some runners, especially the really light framed ones, have no problem with this at all. But in general, try and have at least one day with either rest or a shorter easy day before the hard runs.

You do not have to take an complete day rest before or after the long runs but if you do want to - it is the best to to it the day after vs. the day before.

All the best,


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