Low Hemolobin level - should one adjust training

by Trygve
(Lier, Norway)

Low hemoglobin, running ;

"Hello Marius
Since May I have followed th 3:30 schedule and my plan is to run a marathon in August. I have always had low hemoglobin level, medio 13 - low 14, but this spring it has decreased to 12,5. All other parametres, like ferritin, B12, Folatetc is ok, except vitmanin D (don`t know if it influence on the Hemoglobin level) which I am recommended from my Doctor to increase.

Should adjustment of my training schedule been recommended for increasing my hemoglogin level (or avoiding even lower level),is it specific types of training I should avoid etc ?

Eaerlier I have trained cross country skiing in winter and mountainbike in summer with even higher volume and intensity than the marathon schedule, so this spring represents not an overall increasing of training presssure.

If adjustment is recommended, in what way should I adjust the programe ? Continue with the volume and long runs and reduce the hard sessions or reduce the long runs and keep on with the hard sessions ? Or is it recommended to continue the schedule as is ? During the spring I feel that my running performance have been much better, so it no problem with my motivation.

Regards Trygve"

Answer There is no need to adjust it.

It is normal for the hemoglobin to vary year through (for about 0,5 to 1,5 g/dl, so for example variation from 11,5 to 13,0 is perfectly normal - it can happen just due to a little dehydration in periods etc.)

To give you some perspective, when I did my 13.06 5000 meter I had around a 13,5 in hemoglobin, so absolutely no need to worry about 12,5 if all the other parameters are normal (ferritin etc.) :)


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