Piriformis syndrome

by Hege S

Piriformis syndrome :

"Hi again Marius. I had an operation due to a disc prolapse in 1999. I have been running without any difficulties after the operation. Since last summer I have felt a pain in my buttock. And the last week it has been radiating through my leg and down to my foot. There is also a numb and parestetic feeling. I have diagnosed myself with a piriformis syndrome. Have you any advice? Training, streching?
Kind regards Hege"

Answer: Hi Hege and thanks for your question.

First of all, you want do go to the doctor to get a certain diagnosis of the problem. Without an MRI of your back you cannot for sure differentiate with a disc herniation and the piriformis syndrom - but a good doctor can make one of the two most likely form a diagnostic standpoint. Also important is the gluteal bursae in the depth of the gluteal muscles which can cause local irritation and secondary pain in the gluteal area. This again can lead to imbalanced running and then pain/numbness down the leg.

IF it is piriformis syndrom I strongly suggest you do this :

1) get a good, deep massage there, from a massage therapist

2) get someone to do deep needling/trigger point treatment there

3) do stretching and strength work

4) cut down on training until things get better

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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