Plan break early on

by Daryl

Plan after break in training :

"Just finished Week 2 Session 2 on my 3:30 plan and have come down with the flu. It may be a week before I get back into running.

I have 1/2 Marathon mid November and full marathon 20th January.

What stage should I start again?

Thanks for the plan - it is great to have structure in my running!!"

Answer<:/b>Hi Daryl and thanks for your question.

The "general" rule to it is like this :

If you have more time left until the marathon than planned in the schedule, just start back where you left (for example, you started a bit before 100 days until the marathon, for some reason)

If you have exactly planned workouts according to the 100 day plan, you just want to jump over those "lost" days/weeks and do not try and catch up! This is very important, to not risk overtraining.

I wish you all the best with your training,

kind regards,

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