Plantar faciitis

by Terje

Plantar fasciitis

"Hello Marius

Thanks for a great program. I have used it this summer to prepare for a half marathon. The run is coming up next weekend and I am now in the middle of tapering. My left foot has been a bit stiff after hard runs the last weeks but I expected it to improve during three weeks of tapering. Yesterday, during a hard run, I stepped on a sharp stone and today I am quite sure I have developed plantar faciitis.

Is there any last minute intervention to this problem except from ice and rest or is it better to cancel the run? My plan is to go for a PB, but it is more important to avoid a longer injury break.



Answer: Hi Terje and thanks for your question.

This is a tricky one - you CAN try to use a few days of Voltaren / anti-inflammatory medication, but that is about the only thing you can do short term (except for rest) to heal this.

Long term, get very hard massage on it every other day - and if this does not help (give it a couple of weeks), consider the strassburg sock (thesock.com)

Either way, be VERY careful to compete with plantar fasciitis, if you have any pains the last couple of days before the race date.

all the best,

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