Run easier on easy runs

by Answer by Marius

How easy can I run on the easy runs ?
This is a respons to the comment made by Matt here : Easy Runs and Pace

There are individual variations to the pace vs. heart rate. I still think it is good for any schedule to give the runners both options, some runners enjoy heart rate training while others only want to go by pace.

The best is to use heart rate monitors if you can.

YES ! "easier" easy is always "allowed". You almost cannot go easy enough on the easy runs, all science (and experience) shows that the effect of easy runs, especially the shorter ones between hard sessions is only a matter of running economy (from a mechanical standpoint, meaning it strengthens/give stability to the tendons, ligaments and supporting structures) and speed will not be a factor at all. The difference between running 60 % of heart rate and 70 % is really nothing at all on the cardiovascular system. I did/do much of my own running at 60-65 %, just like the Kenyans.

With your anaerobic threshold, is is a matter of both increasing the length you can stay sub-pace (that you are seeing now) and the increase in absolute pace. The first always comes earlier while the absolute pace takes more time and usually comes in much harder during the last taper period/last weeks of the marathon cycle.

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