Running and Walking

by dave

Is it ok to run the "walk-runs" in the 100 day plan ?

"In the 3:30 schedule it has the run/walk sessions to get used to the marathon duration - are these necessary if you are alrady ok with the duration ? i.e. can they just be long "runs" and not "run/walks" ?

Answer Hi Dave, and thanks for the question. In most cases you want to keep the run/walk routine going - it gives you less impact on the legs that you can use for "extra energy" in the hard sessions. So it will help you stay fresh in these.

But IF you have been running for years, have a light body-frame you can test out running these all-through. Do monitor though if it feels different afterwards vs. the walk-runs (if you feel more tired) to determine if this is the approach to use.

I wish you all the best with your training,


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