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How to deal with shin splints :

"Hello Marius

I am a 41 year old who the last three years have run Nordmarka Skogsmaraton. This summer I sat a PB at 3.39 and was so excited that i decided to run Kongsvinger skogsmaraton 8 weeks later. I used the same program again (Grete Waitz` Oslo maraton program) and during the preparations to Kongsvinger I developed bilateral achilles tendonitis. The recovery took me 4 months.

The problem now is that during increase in training I have developed a mild shin splint in both legs. I treat it as best I can with transverse frictions, but I really struggle with finding the right training level. I can run pain free some days and other days the pain is provoked. I should probably mention that I have worked with my running stride this autumn (frequency).

I have read your walking/jogging tip to those with achilles problems and my question is if that is the best way to handle shinsplints too.

By the way, I really look forward to start training after your program for 3.15 next year.


Answer:Hi Terje and thanks for your question.

I've explained my take on shin splints here : Shin splints/leg pain running

The main thing is to change the shoes your wear (especially shoe brand), do cross friction massage, and in some cases a longer period of anti-inflammatory drugs. And of course, use soft running surfaces to run on as much as possible :)

I wish you all the best,

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