Split effort 1 runs in two parts

by Paul
(The Netherlands)

Can I split the effort 1 runs into two parts ?

"Hi Marius,

In your plan you have sometimes included a run of 90 minutes @ effort 1. Unfortunately, I sometimes don't have the possibility (due to lack of time) to perform the run in full at one time. In case such time constraint occurs, is it possible to split the run in two parts e.g running 45 minutes in the morning and running 45 minutes in the evening (more generally split the run in two parts but run these two parts on 1 day) or will such an approach prevent me to achieve the goal of this particular training?

Thanks very much in advance!

Cheers, paul"

Asnwer Yes, you can certainly do this - no problem at all. The only of the easy runs you really want to keep that way is the above 2 hrs - that have a benefit "on their onw".

I wish you all the best with your training,


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