Stomach Problems and Dizzyness Running

by Maurenia
(Ottawa, ON)

Stomach problems and dizzyness during running workouts :

"I am in week 5 (I'm training for Boston). While trying to do the Session 1 workout both last week and this week, after the 30 minutes at Effort 3 while doing the 30 sec at Effort 4 (then a 30 sec recovery) I start to feel really dizzy and my stomach hurts - especially during the recoveries. I do these on the treadmill as it is -25 C here!! Why is this happening and any advice?"

Answer:Hi Maurenia, and thanks for your question. It is difficult to give you an exact reason for this, but I do have a few theories.

1) I've seen runners struggle with this on the treadmill and it may be a result of the effect on the nervous system while running on the treadmill causing slight dizziness. I've had this myself, especially after longer periods of no treadmill running. Usually it get better though with more frequent treadmill runs. Test out also running a few easy short runs on the treadmill to increase this frequency.

2) Check out your last meal before the runs. Space it with at least one hour extra. Also, drink nothing but water during these workouts. Steer away from milk products, fruits containing pectines (apples, pears) and larger meals to test out if this makes a difference.

I wish I could help you more, but the two solutions above are worth a try !

Kind regards,

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