The 20 mile runs

by Pat Wheeler
(Denver, CO)

Is there a need to add in there longer runs in the 100 day plan ? Like 20 mile runs ?

"Hi Marius,
I’m on week 8 of the 3:15 plan and I’m really enjoying the program. My previous two marathons (times: 3:55, 3:35) training programs were focused on building miles and they eventually had you running 2 to 3 20 milers somewhere around the 7/10/13 week range. Outside of session 3 in week 12 I’m not sure I will ever hit that higher mileage. Is there any magic to getting in those type of distances and are you assuming we hit those types of numbers through the longer sessions outlined in weeks 9 through 12.

Answer : Hi Pat, in the 3:15 plan you'll be pretty close in a few of the sessions. For example the 3:30 walk/jog should set you at 15-16 miles or so and then the 40 min+40 min+40 min would take you around the same - maybe a bit longer.

You CAN, if you really feel like it (and want it as a confidence booster) - add in there a bit of warmup to for example the 40 min+40 min+40 min - or 30 minutes more to the walk/run of 3:30 to make you hit 20 miles total on those. But it is not crucial, and if you do - make sure that you have this at least three weeks away from the marathon and do it at the most twice. Some like to do this (even among the Italian marathoners) but it is sort of a personal preferance. But in either case, be sure to not do it too many times :)

I wish you all the best,
kind regards,

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