Training plan after injury

by Kelley
(Kissimmee, Florida)

What do to after an injury period.

"Week 11 after my 20 mile run I came up with 2 injuries, hip flexor and planter fasciitis. After seeing a physical therapist I'm ready to go back to training, but I don't know where to jump in and how long my longest should be to avoid more injuries.

My injury happened October 6 and finished therapy October 20. My therapist had me run through treatments that came to a 25 mile week.

My marathon is December 4 and I am in need of a new schedule to follow. I was previously training on an intermediate cool runnings training plan.


Answer Hi Jamie and thanks for your question.

I would do as follows :

Go into the 100 day plan counting back from the marathon. This means that you lose a few of the marathon specific weeks, but you have no choice considering the problems.

Now for the long runs. Avoid the longest ones planned the first week "of getting back", instead wait until the second week. And at that time, really take it easy - alternate running and walking.

Also be VERY strict on doing the Smart Strides whenever planned. These will give you a much faster time for you to return to "normal" shape again.

Another option to the above (concerning long runs) is to replace the longest runs in the marathon plan with 1 run of 2 hour 20 days before and 1 run of 2:30-3 hours 12 days before. This is a "safe" option - if you feel the above it too risky.

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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