Two weeks until marathon and my legs are supertired - heeelp

by Kristin
(T√łnsberg, Norway)

When feeling tired in running - what to do :

"Hi Marius
Now I'm superfrustrated!! I have followed the 4.30 plan and have enjoyed it very much. The New York Marathon is only two weeks away, but now I have got a big problem. My legs suddenly got supertired??? It started two weeks ago. On my long runs I get tired after only one hour and my heart rate is going very high.
I have done the massages, taken the magnesium, and other tricks I can think of. What shall I do????? I'm sure this is not normal. I'm superscared that I will not be able to finish the marathon. Should I rest for the rest of the time or what?? (next week will be week 14 in the program)It's frustrated that so much work results in this. Pleeease help!!

Answer: Hi Kristin, I answered a similar question only a few weeks ago here running while tired.

Basically you can do the same : use one of the post marathon weeks (with little work) for the next 5-7 days to get some of the elasticity back again. This will decrease the total training load of about 30 %, which usually is enough.

It IS normal to feel tired after the very hard marathon weeks and just in the middle of the tapering period, but with two weeks of feeling like that, use one of those post-marathon weeks for 5-7 days and then the last week as planned to make absolutely sure that you have the energy you need.

There is very good chance that this is enough to get you to that fresh feeling point again !

Kind regards,

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