Warm up before hard running

by Ruben, Answer by Marius

"On the hard sessions, is there a warm up run before starting a high effort 3 or above, or do you just jump into the session?

Also, what kind of stretching do you recommend before and after runs?"

Answer: I recommend you do a warmup of 5-10 minutes and a cooldown of 5-10 minutes as well. There is no need for longer warmups than this ! And whenever in the schedules there is a SS* marked then do the "special strides" after the sessions that you can read about in Chapter 13 of the 100 Day Plan.

When it comes to stretching I do not recommend this, supported by the latest research in this field. Point is, it does not prevent injuries - this is in fact a myth.

The ONLY exception is if you have marked differences from one leg versus the other in terms of flexibility AND you have a marked tencency to increased injuries in on that less flexible side.

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