What to do/take to help get rid of a flu/cold

by paul whittaker

How to get rid of a cold :

"Hi Marius, hope your well. I have been ill recently with a cold, apart from strides to keep muscular fitness going is there anything i can supplement on. E.g vitamin C to help speed up recovery when ill?
Is there certain foods you could recommend having also? To cut down the days that I am ill for next time round?

Your plan is great!
Paul :)"

Answer: Hi Paul, unfortunately there is no clear answer to this.

However, this is what I personally do (that I THINK helps the process) :

1. I always run 20-30 minutes, even though I can a really bad cold. Just to get the body temperature a little bit up. Almost never total rest. But I do not push too much.

2. The first session after the cold is a 45 sec run / 15 sec rest session (that you find in the 100 day plan) That usually brings the legs back super-fast into normal rythm again and almost no time is lost.

I wish you all the best,


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