28 day layoff

by Steve

How to "keep in shape" during a 28 days layoff.

"Hello Marius,

I am scheduled for surgery (inguinal hernia,laparoscopic, left and right) and the surgeon says no vigorous activity for 28 days, including slow running. Walking is OK, stairs are OK. Any advice in maintaining some fitness during this long layoff? "

Answer Hi Steve and thanks for your question.

In your case I would strongly suggest two things :

1) Go to the gym and find exercises for the upper body that you can do cardio with (in larger gyms you have quite a few machines that you can use for cardio, exclusively on the arms) Do these interval-type and HARD (but limit the total duration) ; you want to get some breathing going but not strain your upper-body with long sessions. Type 15 x 45 sec, 15 sec rec. is perfect for this.

2) Ask your doctor if walking hard on the treadmill is ok. If you get a go on this, set it steep (5-10 degrees) and you'll get a superb workout just by doing that.

3) If not, go for really long walks (if you have time) This is a huge benefit vs. just resting.

The three above should make you set once you get into training again.

Also, you may want to split the 28 period in two. Use the first 14 days to just rest and do just a little bit of walking/upper-body cardio and after that increase the volume until you are done with the 28 day period. That may also be safer in terms of healing after the sugery.

When you start again, use the introductory weeks of the 100 day plan - they are excellent as a buildup of shape again !

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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