4:30 Plan Week 5 Question

by Angela
(Hong Kong)

Session 1 week 5 4:30 schedule :

"In Week 5 for 4:30 training, the Session Info is "30 min + 2 min rec. + 10 x 1 min", and Speed Info is "30 min Effort 3 + 1 min Effort 4".

After 2 minutes recovery, for the last 10 x 1 min part, any recovery between each minute? Or there's no recovery and just run for 10 minutes using Effort 4 speed?

Thanks & regards,

Answer:Hi Angela, you have spotted a missing recovery there.

It should be 30 seconds recovery between each 1 min repeat (so 10 x 1 min with 30 sec. in between each one)

After the 30 min. run, you want to place in a two minute recovery, like you have correctly understood.

Thanks for pointing this out and I wish you all the best with your training,

kind regards,

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