50km distance

Adjusting to 50 k distance :

"Hi Marius,
I have a 50km road race coming up in 98 days (14 weeks). Can you tell me how to adjust the program for this distance? I can do a marathon in 4:15. I am really looking forward to using your schedule to keep my training on track.

Answer: Hi Janet and thanks for your question.

For the 50km I would add just slightly to the length of the 1) long easy runs (those over 1:30 in length) 2) to the absolute longest hardest sessions in the marathon specific weeeks of the schedule ( I would say about 10-20 % of the total length, and you would have to adjust the intensity down slightly on these, due to this)

Other than that, no more adjustments needed :)

I wish you all the best,

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