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The Los Angeles Marathon running experience is more than a race.

Welcome to the city og Angels, more than just a marathon race

Running the Los Angeles Marathon is much more than a marathon.

It is about experiencing the city of LA as well. Most cities are fairly homogenous. Tokyo is Japanese, Paris is French, and Rome is (well, that's obvious!) Italian. But, a city like Los Angeles is rather unique; it is really quite the international city with sections reflecting the various cultures that live within it.

And, as to be expected, the marathon that is run through the city makes it way through areas that reflect that diversity.

The race is not very old either; 2008 marked only the twenty - third running of the race. It got its start back in 1986 following the success of the '84 Summer Olympics.

Because of the course running through the city, the Los Angeles marathon race is known to attract upwards of a million spectators. And, in something unique for marathons, the runners wear bibs with their names on them.

This was instituted in '03, and has resulted in people getting to cheer the runners by name.

Also, in another move unique to the LA marathon, the race has a category known as "Legacy Runners".

These are people who have competed in every LA marathon since its inception.

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Well, you can read more about that in the main article about the Los Angeles Marathon that is located here.

Los Angeles as a City, what to do and what to see for the LA marathon

Given the location of the LA marathon, the media gives it good coverage.

So, if you want pictures or video of you participating in it, you can certainly find some. The LA marathon's official web site has plenty of pictures, and the LA Times and local TV stations make a point of reporting on the race each year.

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