Add more easy runs

by Sondre
(South Africa)

Adding more easy runs :

"Hi Marius

I am enjoying your training schedule, now to start the third week. Earlier have trained - not very disciplined though - for ultra marathons and done fairly well. I

now want to shave of my time on marathons and at the same time keep mileage up. Would it do any harm to add in one to two easy runs each 45-60 minutes a week, as long as they really are easy?

This way I can keep up mileage and build up time on road.

Or would I alternatively actually be better off having fewer sessions (five a week, as you suggest in the schedule).

As you can imagine, I like to be on road with running shoes.

Looking forward to your knowledgeable advise!

Thank you.

Kind regards

Answer: Hi Sondre and thanks for your question.

I've touched on this question in a previous one and the simple answer is yes - you can add more easy runs IF you are an experienced running and used to higher mileage.

In fact, in an update to the 100 day plan down the road I'll talk about this specific point : that you can expand the 100 day plan this way. You can do this overall in the weeks, there is no need for some weeks higher in mileage than others.

I wish you all the best,

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