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Adidas Running Shoes are best known for its premium quality and durability, the Adidas brand equity has been continuously increasing all throughout the years because it never compromises the quality of the products. Their designs are also outstanding and impressive, a wearer must be really proud to sport the coolest designs with the signature Adidas three-stripes. But what are the best adidas running shoes according to reviews and what are some prime Adidas discount shoes?

Whether you run on trails or on smooth grounds, whether you have flat feet or high-arched feet, Adidas can provide you with your running shoes needs. Learn more about your foot type and search for the shoes that best fits you. Sometimes, choosing the right shoes for you can be tricky, but you can get a lot of useful information on the internet or you could ask for assistance from your trusted sales person. For running shoes needs, Adidas has proven it is one brand you can truly trust. They have a lot of products with their own specialties and fortes, but they’re all exceptionally durable and trustworthy.

Best Neutral Adidas Running Shoes Reviews

  • Adidas Response Trail 15
  • Adidas AdiStar Ride
  • Adidas Supernova Glide 2


1. Adidas Response Trail 15

Perfect for trail running, the Adidas Response Trail 15 is very durable and has good traction feature. This pair of trail running shoes will keep you steady while you run even rough trails and terrains. It also has a blown rubber outsole which makes it a lightweight option and gives it more cushioning. The ForMotion technology helps your foot adapt to the trails you run and provides excellent motion control.

2. Adidas AdiStar Ride

This neutral shoes is exceptionally comfortable to wear and is highly regarded by users. The Adidas adiStar Ride has a soft and plush cushioning feature that makes it comfortable and helps it absorb shock well. But it doesn’t rest with just being comfortable, adiStar Ride also comes with a memory foam heel collar which gives the fit a better and more personalized feel. It also has the NoSeam fit which eliminates the chances of having skin irritations on your feet while using the shoes. This pair is especially perfect for those heavy runners with big builds who run long trails.

3. Adidas Supernova Glide 2

An impressive model that took after the Supernova Glide 1, Adidas Supernove Glide 2 boasts of its high quality and rocking style as part of the neutral Adidas running shoes family. Its 3D Formotion cushioning plus the adiPRENE+ provide cushioning and support at the heel part and under the metatarsal region, respectively. The outer mesh makes the shoes light weight and provides good ventilation and breathability. It has a whole lot more features that make it a pair you would totally want to try.

Best Cushioning/Stability Adidas Running Shoes Reviews

  • Adidas Supernova Cushion
  • Adidas Response Cushion 17
  • Adidas AdiStar Cushion

1. Adidas Supernova Cushion

One with superbly outstanding cushioning system, Adidas Supernova Cushion will never fail you as you need comfort and shock absorption as you run. With the GeoFit construction and Ortholite sockliner, you are sure of your feet’s safety and microbial protection. While it is best with cushioning, it is also very durable and can trek various terrains and tracks; with its AdiWEAR outsole you may use this pair without having to worry about its durability even on rough road runs.

2. Adidas Response Cushion 17

Its outstanding cushioning feature is highly commendable and makes a wearer feel utmost comfort especially because this pair also boasts of its snug fit. In this edition, it improved its last and added foam to the sockliner. This soft training shoe is best for those with high arched feet to help prevent underpronation. The adiWear outsole provides the extra durability that makes this pair a crowd favorite. The air mesh upper is also something we commend because of its breathability and comfort.

3. Adidas AdiStar Cushion

Adidas AdiStar Cushion knows where to efficiently and strategically place its best cushioning features. Its adiPRENE cushioning efficiently targets impact areas to make sure shock is absorbed well and any foot strain is prevented. An AdiWear outsole makes it very durable and fit for various types of terrains. The QuickStrike technology is something this pair can also boast of. It gives the shoes extra flexibility and a push in style.

Best Motion Control Adidas Running Shoes Reviewed

  • Adidas AdiZero Aegis
  • Adidas AdiStar Control 5
  • Adidas Supernova Sequence 2

1. Adidas AdiZero Aegis

Moderate overpronators have finally met their match with the Adidas adiZero Aegis. It has a smooth transition as you take on the different stages of your run. This helps protect you from any injuries and pronation. With its streamlined upper mesh, maximum breathability and ventilation is achieved. It also has the moulded respoEVA sockliner especially designed anatomically to fit the human foot better. It is indeed a pair of running shoes that will bring you to your highest potentials as you enjoy running high speeds with natural touchdowns and utmost comfort and protection.

2. Adidas adiStar Control 5

The adiStar Control features the GCS or the Ground Control System which helps the runner with motion control and horizontal cushioning for extra stability. It also helps prevent stress and strain on knee and ankle points. This pair also comes with the QuickStrike outsole construction which provides a lightweight and very durable outsole. It also has a thicker sockliner provided by the Ortholite feature which gives the feet a cushier feel, plus it is anti-microbial!

3. Adidas Supernova Sequence 2

The Supernova Sequence 2 is a perfect daily training running shoe. It is well-cushioned and is great for long runs. For the moderate overpronator, this can be the shoes to help correct the pronation problem. Some of the Adidas shoe technologies used are 3D Formotion that dissipates shock, the adiPRENE cushioning that uses the EVA-based foam, and the blown rubber outsole for added traction and exemplary ground grip. The GeoFit feature is also present which makes it one of the best fitting Adidas running shoes in the market.

The Adidas Running Shoes Promise

Adidas athletic footwear has been providing us with the best sports shoes since the 1920s. The three-stripes logo is known worldwide as that trusted sporting goods brand. Named after its founder Adolf Dassler, Adidas promises to help athletes reach their highest level of performance through their products. The brand’s cutting edge technology and sharp innovation makes it one great name in sports, a brand that assisted, supported, carried athletes to the top.

It is the Adidas promise to continue providing athletes with the comfort and support to help them achieve improved performance. It is a promise that will never change. It is a promise that has lived through the years and established for them a name equated with quality and excellence. Adi Dassler had the passion, he knew what he was doing when he created Adidas, and he knew he needed to gain the trust of the athletes that need his products. With quality, Adidas has established that trust, and until now, almost 90 years later, Adidas is still the brand we trust the most, especially when it comes to Adidas running shoes.


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