adjusting the 100 day program

by Kristo
(Karkkila, Finland)

Adjusting the 100 day program :

"Hi Marius!

I bought this plan couple of months ago, but just took some parts here and there to prepare myself for Stocholm marathon 1.6. I run it in 3:02:50 and it was a little bit disappointment, as my goal was to break the 3hrs. Well, I think I know what went wrong in training and in the race and of course the weather was quite awful, too.

But now I am setting a new goal, and most propably it will be Tallinn marathon in 9.9. How about adjusting the plan to it? There is only 13 weeks left and until 17.6. has to be recovery period from Stockholm which leaves only 11 weeks.

In between I have planned to participate 1.7. in a nordic rollerskate national champions (40km/1,5hrs) and maybe after the marathon in the autumn a long multisport race (6-7hrs). So at least third of the training should be rollerskating and mountain biking.

I've trained running (and sports overall) more seriously now only 3,5years (age 40), with quite moderate efficiency heart rates (because I coach a marathon school and some little kids I have much low speed trainings), but also regular harder training. Different sports roller skating, skiing, some weight training, cycling and running etc. Attached this year training summary of mine, much of everything, I know.

So the question will be, where to cut the 4 weeks in the 100day plan and what kind of training I may (or is the less harmful to) compensate with the other sports? I can and will charge on running, but don't want to quit the other sports :)

Thanks in advance,


Answer: Hi Kristo and thanks for your questions.

How to adjust the 100 day plan is a whole seperate section in the 100 day plan - so please read what I've written there (Chapter 4). You'll find it explained how to cut the schedule down to 11 weeks - in details.

In terms of other sports : my general recommendation is to do as little as this as possible in the marathon specific weeks of the plan, as you want to be as specific as possible those weeks. In the remainder of the weeks, do try and space sessions of other sports (especially hard ones) as far away from the hard running sessions as possible. Also : I would say 1, maximum 2 sessions a week of other sports if you want maximum resuls, as the 100 day plan is hard enough as it is.

all the best,

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