Adjusting the 5/10/21k races

by Goran
(Goteborg, Sweden)

Ajusting the 100 day plan :

"Hi Marius!
I'm looking to train on your schedule in the spring, focussing on Stockholm marathon. I'm a 2:51 marathon runner and I'm looking to break 2:48:48. I live in Goteborg and hence I'm doing the half marathon here. I also have a couple of 10ks that could be used in the early part of the program. So, how should I move the sessions in the best way?

Week 5 and week 7 there is 10k races close by. I want to do at least one of them (week 7 prio). I could skip the week 5 10k race and do a 5k test run if that's better. How do I adjust weeks 5-8 with this schedule?

Gbg half is in week 13. That means I skip the 21k wk 11. Do I change that to a long run instead (wk11 21k --> long)?

Week 14 I skip the long run.

Week 15 I crush the 2:50 barrier and top 15 finish M40!!!

Thank you so much for your input. Best program ever!

Best regards,


Answer: Hi Goran and thanks for your question.

I will answer you a general way in terms of this as it would work well in your situation :

1. If you want to add a race in there, just substitute the hardest session that week with the race. Also : make sure that the second hardest session that week is spaced as long away from the race that week as possible. (no worries doing 2x10 km races in tweek 5-8 - that should be fine)

2. You are correct in terms of doing a long (hard) run instead of the 21k if this race is not possible to do from a practical standpoint:)

I wish you all the best,

kind regads,

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