Adjusting the program for the half marathon

by Isabel

Adjusting the 100 day plan for the half marathon :
"Hi Marius,

I'm running my first Half Marathon in 20 weeks(140 days). I want to use your 100 day marathon plan to just prepare me to this half marathon. How can I adjust the program? Do I follow the same principles that you suggest in chapter 5 section 6?

Kind regards,

Answer: Hi Isabel and thanks for your question.

Yes, you may use what I suggest in Chapter 5, section 6.

However, you want to be a bit careful with the longest marathon-specific sessions that you see in the marathon weeks. Meaning, the very long sessions of 1 hour + of intervals. Instead of these, add in there some of the faster work that you find in the 5k/10k weeks. That will give you a good overall mix!

I wish you all the best with your training,

kind regards,

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