Adjusting the schedule if missing the first weeks

by Chris

How to adjust the schedule if missing the first weeks :

"Hi Marius!

I am training for Rome marathon in March using your 3:30hr plan. I had completed the three Introduction Weeks and the First Two Weeks of the plan when I sustained a back injury. Then, over Christmas I have had the flu. This means that I have not trained since the end of Week 2.

I am hoping to begin training again next week but this will mean that I have missed 3 weeks of training - weeks 3, 4, and 5 in the plan. I am considering dropping down to the 4:00hr plan. Do you think I can jump straight into Week 6 on the plan if I do this?


Answer: Hi Chris and thanks for your question.

There is the exact way to shorter your schedule described in Chapter nr 5 of the 100 day plan ("How to adjust your schedule") Use the specifics I give there to make it shorter.

I would stick to your planned schedule (3:30) BUT, do pay attention to your 5k/10k/half marathon times in there - and change schedule accordingly to the 4:00 - if you are way off that (use the calculators to translate those race times to marathon times)

I wish you all the best !


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