Adjustments of the 5k/10k/21k test races/race

by Goran
(Goteborg, Sweden)

How to adjust the 100 day plan for races :

"Hi Marius!
I'm looking to train on your schedule in the spring, focusing on Stockholm marathon. I'm a 2:51 marathon runner and I'm looking to break 2:48:48. I live in Goteborg and hence I'm doing the half marathon here. I also have a couple of 10ks that could be used in the early part of the program. So, How should I move the sessions in the best way?

Week 5 and week 7 there is 10k races close by. I want to do at least one of them (week 7 prio). I could skip the week 5 10k race and do a 5k test run if that's better. How do I adjust weeks 5-8 with this schedule?

Gbg half is in week 13. That means I skip the 21k wk 11. Do I change that to a long run instead (wk11 21k --> long)?

Week 14 I skip the long run.

Week 15 I crush the 2:50 barrier and top 15 finish M40!!!

Thank you so much for your input. Best program ever!

Best regards,


Answer: Hi Goran and thanks for your question.

I'll give a general advice here that can be applied to any weeks of the schedule, in the case you have a race going :

You want to take the hardest session that week in terms of intensity and substitute it with the race. Then you want to take the second hardest session that week and space it as many days as possible away from the race, within that week. In addition to that, you should (as always) have an easy day of running/rest day the day before and the day after the race.

That should make you all set !

I wish you all the best,

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