Alternative training for 3 weeks

by Marco
(Leiden )

Alternative training while injured :

"Hello Marius,

Thank you for all your suggestion in the plan.

I finally manage to run "on-schedule" my 5k and I'm really looking to the next challenge...the 10k.

Unfortunatly due to an Achilles tendonitis, the doctor forced me to stop running for 3 weeks, but I'm allowed to bike.

I'm wondering how I can mantain my shape for the next 3 weeks when I can't run.

Can I switch to the bike somehow?
How should I proceed?

Happy Xmas,


Answer: Hi Marco and thanks for your question.

I would do two things :

1) Do the bike for most of the workouts, following the schedule using the bike instead IF your achilles can handle it. Also consider a "Nordic Trainer" if you have access to it. My experience is that it is far better to stay in shape doing the Nordic Trainer, as it is more similar to running - while at the same time it does not stress your achilles too much either.

2) If you can, do some walks just to keep the "running muscles" in some sort of natural movement.

That is the best thing you can do to keep going!

all the best,

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