Altitude training

by Victor
(Mexico City)

How does one deal with the 100 day plan while at altitude ?

"What adjustments if any should be considered if you train at 2500 mts above sea level and your goal is a Marathon at sea level?"

Answer: Hi Victor and thanks for your question.

If you do the work at altitude, you have to run either by Effort or by heart rate. The paces there would be too fast. Even if you are used to alititude from before (born + lived) you still have to add 3-5 % to the time on all workouts. But this is highly individual so I suggest you stick to Effort or heart rate.

Other than that, make sure to hydrate yourself well on the longest type work. You may also watch your recovery a bit more closely during the marathon specific period (as recovery is usually a little bit (not much for native altitude runners)longer between the hardest work.

But all in all, no problem at all with following the plan.

I wish you all the best,


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