Any advise for 12Hrs shift work guys?

Adjusting the 100 day plan with 12 hour shifts :

"Good Day,

As the title stated, may I know is there any good recommendations on these?

My current job rountine is on 12 hrs rotation basis.

Meaning 4 days work n 3 days rest or 3 days work followed by 4 days rest.

I have to work 2 weeks in the morning shift n 2 weeks night shift.

I find abit difficult to stay on to the running plan especially after night shift as my body will be dead tired!

My current 10km timing is around 74min which I believed I need to improve it inorder to finished the marathon at sub 5:00.

So for a quick start what should I do now?

Pls kindly advise.

Cheers, Tan"

Answer: Hi Tan and thanks for you question.

You certainly want to take the shift work into consideration. You MAY have to use the following approach :

In the weeks when you're doing nights do more longer, easier runs coupled with shorter intensity work (for example 15 x 45 sec. run, 15 sec rest) and "save" the really hard longer marathon specific sessions for those weeks where you are fresh. This WILL likely work better. I certainly have respect of night work and the effect on the running legs, after going long night shifts as a doctor myself. And I do think the above approach is better, even though it would mean you have to tweak the 100 day plan a bit to make that work.

I wish you all the best,

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