Asics Gel Blur33 Shoes

by John Wood

Running shoes for training :

"Hi Marius. I have been using your program the last two years. I have a neutral foot. My first year I wore the Asic GT 2150, then due to lack of availability switched to the Asic GT 2160. This shoe has worked great. Now my 2160 is not available. I ordered the Asics Gel Blur33 because it had my size/width, but I can't find any information on your site about this shoe and if it would be in the same category at the GT series. Do you have any information on the Blur33? I don't want start using it if it is the wrong style for me. Thanks. "

Answer: Both shoes are fairly neutral, but the Gel Blur33 has a more minimalist approach in the build. I would just spend some time and test them out. I have very good experience with Asics in general and as long as you've chosen a shoe that is fairly close in category (as you have) you should be fine:)

all the best,

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