Asics Women’s Shoe
Built for the Female Foot

An Asics women’s shoe is the best partner a woman can ever ask for when it comes to running. Asics has always been a leader in running shoes, but this is not even part of the top three reasons why female runners should trust the female-specific running shoes created by Asics. Females are known to have very unique foot shapes. The woman’s foot normally has more curves and is narrower than the male foot. Its shape is more delicate and distinctly contoured. This is why the most important thing when it comes to female running shoes is how it fits the female foot.

True, Asics may be a leading name in the business. But if you don’t want to choose a shoe mainly for the name itself, then you should take a look at the portfolio of Asics running shoe technologies designed specifically for female runners if you really need proof that the collection of Asics womens shoe is the best collection that responds to the special needs of women. Here are the top three technologies that Asics use to make their shoes fit female feet best.

Top Female-Focused Technologies in Asics Womens Shoe

  • asics women’s shoeSpace Trusstic System
  • Forefoot cushioning
  • Plus 3mm


1. Space Trusstic System

Several Asics running shoes, regardless of whether they were designed for men or for women, feature the special Space Trusstic System, a gender-specific running shoe technology. This is a very useful technology because it guides the foot through the critical transition phases so that each gait is efficient and smooth. This technology is used differently in the men’s shoe and in the women’s shoe; the design for the women’s shoe is different to make sure that the critical areas of the female foot is adequately supported and protected.

The Space Trusstic System was used as the main updates to the bestselling Asics running shoes in the year that the technology was introduced. But even now that more technologies have also come up, this technology remains to be the central technology that sets Asics womens shoe models apart from other female options. The Asics Gel Kayano, what is known as the top Asics shoe ever, features this specific technology.

2. Forefoot Cushioning

A lot of women tend to want more cushioning in their running shoes to help protect their feet from heavy impact. Asics knows this, which is why it has come up with several technologies and several shoes that are packed full of cushioning. Asics has a dedicated shoe series for shoes with plenty of cushioning. The top shoes in the cushioning line is the Asics Gel Nimbus. The Gel Nimbus offers superior cushioning especially with its gender-specific Forefoot Cushioning system. This new technology makes use of an additional layer of injected Solyte in the platform to provide a more cushioned underfoot feeling. Asics also used a lower density cushion for the women’s version to provide a better response and feel for the female foot.

3. Plus 3

This year, Asics also added the Plus 3 feature to some of its best shoes. The Plus 3 feature is an additional 3 millimeters of height on the models designed for female runners. Take note that the added height only applied to the women’s shoes. This is one of the special considerations that Asics makes especially for women. The aim of the added height is to ease the tension felt by the achilles.

The bestselling Asics running shoes all came out with added height this year. This includes the Asics Gel Kayano 16 and the Asics Gel Nimbus 12.

Different Categories of Asics Womens Shoe

Asics makes sure it can meet whatever need there may be in the industry. So the company came up with shoes designed especially for overpronators, underpronators, and neutral runners. There are also shoes for racers, adventurous trail runners, and the regular hobbyists. To meet all these needs, Asics offers three different shoe categories based on foot type then three different categories based on running need.

Those who experience mild overpronation can look for the best shoe in the Structured Cushioning series. Those who experience underpronation can look through the Cushioning collection. And those who experience overpronation can browse through the Maximum Support collection. All collections feature bestselling Asics running shoe technologies. All shoes that are also part of the Gel series also feature the special Asics Gel cushioning system, a special cushioning system that uses gel-based cushioning for a responsive bounce that does not wear out easily.

There is also a right Asics womens shoe for women who like to take on newer and harder running challenges by taking up trail running. Likewise, there is an Asics womens shoe specifically designed for runners who put top priority on speed.


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