The Best Running Mens Shoe
Your Shoe, Your Companion, Your Partner

The best running men’s shoe is not easy to find. There are many considerations you have to make, and the shopping process can take very long. Finding the best shoes for you involves more than just going to a shoe store and picking out the most attractive running shoe on the shelf. Instead, it takes research and careful comparisons of the market’s best options.

Comparing is very important when searching for the best running mens shoe. You can’t find the best if you don’t look for it. Different shoes have different offers. So if you want to find the offer that best fits your foot and your needs, you should be ready to browse through the market and compare the different running shoes designed specifically for men with your foot type and your running condition.

Here’s a simplified guide as to how to choose the most suitable and helpful shoe for you.

What the Best Running Men’s Shoe Has to offer

  • best running men's shoeCushioning
  • Support
  • Running shoe technologies


1. Cushioning

The most important consideration you have to make is whether a running shoe for men has either cushioning or support, or both. Shoes with cushioning, shoes with support, and shoes with both are very different and they cater to highly varied types of runners.

Runners whose feet are flat are prone to what is called overpronation. This is a very common problem for runners. Only first-time inexperienced runners have an excuse not to know about overpronation. In a nutshell, it occurs when the flat foot, with the absence of the arch, continues to roll inwards upon landing that the entire foot lands flat on the ground. This excessive motion has to be corrected; if not, your performance and running efficiency can be affected and the foot muscles can get strained. The best running men’s shoe for this type of runner is a motion control shoe which offers maximum support.

2. Support

On the other side of the scale, there are runners whose feet are exceptionally high due to a uniquely high arch. Feet with high arches don’t completely touch the ground when they land. Instead, the line connecting the heel to the forefoot is only what touches the ground and bears the impact while the foot stays off the ground due to the high arch. Instead, the foot tends to roll outwards, and this is called supination. Just like overpronation, it is a problem that can compromise a runner’s full performance, and it should therefore be corrected. Cushioned running shoes can correct the problem by absorbing shock and dispersing it to protect the very delicate band opposite the arch.

For male runners with the usual male foot, the best option are running shoes with a little bit of both.

3. Running shoe technologies

Don’t miss out as a runner. The technologies that revolutionize the way your shoe feels and performs are simply out there; you just have to grab them. Look for running shoes that are offered by top brands namely Asics, Nike, and New Balance. These shoes often come with carefully designed and invented technologies meant to improve the performance of the shoes and also of the runner who will wear them.

Nike boasts of its Flywire lightweight technology to make all running shoes lighter to carry and run with. Asics boasts of its Impact Guidance System, DuoMax Support System, and Space Trusstic System for excellent support and control sources. New Balance motion control shoes use the TPU medial post and rollbar to provide the same thing. In cushioning, Nike came up with the Air cushioning unit and the Nike Shox cushioning. Asics uses the Gel and the Twist Gel cushioning systems. These technologies are often updated every year. In buying the best running men’s shoe, looking for these technologies can help you find the shoes that provide the biggest help in boosting your foot function efficiency and your overall performance.

The Best Running Men’s Shoe is A Big Investment

When you’re shopping for the best running men’s shoe, you are about to make a big investment. Running shoes are major investments. You are not only investing in a shoe that can help you enjoy your newfound sport. You are investing in a shoe that can take you through your running highs and lows, and one that can determine your progress as a runner. This is why you should buy a well-constructed shoe that can last you a long time even when you use it frequently.


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